We hold pride in our family’s humbling beginnings. Our parents Alberto and Maria Elena Zamora originally from Michoacan, Mexico, crossed the US border many years ago, looking for the American Dream. They worked over 20 years in the strawberry fields hoping for a better future for their four children. Despite the several struggles they faced, they each taught us important principles, our mom taught us to be COURAGEOUS, to be WARRIORS, and to always look for bigger OPPORTUNITIES. Our DAD taught us to be PASSIONATE  on what we do, to strive to PURSUE OUR DREAMS, and to always have a GIVING HEART.

To us, they fought the greatest and toughest battles of all. Now, we have the honor to take what they started to a level that perhaps many never saw coming.  TOGETHERNESS will always be our greatest asset.  TOGETHER, we will strive to give the best of us in everything we do, fight to accomplish all our dreams, never take things or people for granted, and use all our talents to service others. Our ultimate life goal is to impact as many lives as possible. We would love to motivate youngsters and young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves, to think big, to battle setbacks, and to work hard to make their dreams come true. Our mission will always be to leave a legacy and to inspire those around us to do the same, not only for ourselves but for those who are coming after us, the NEXT GEN.  

Much love, 

Mari & Andy